2009 Delburn Fires

The Delburn Fires

The Delburn fires—which consisted of three separate fires that started on 28 and 29 January 2009 and ultimately joined up—occurred about 150 kilometres south-east of Melbourne, in an area that forms part of the Strzelecki Ranges and has extensive blue-gum and pine plantations. Among the towns in the vicinity are Mirboo North, Boolarra, Yinnar and Churchill. There are important infrastructure assets in the area, including the Morwell open-cut mine and power station and the main high-tension power line servicing Melbourne.
The fires burned mainly between 28 January and 3 February, being at their most destructive on 30 January in and around Boolarra. On 7 February (Black Saturday) there was an increase in fire activity, but this was managed and there were no major outbreaks.
Forty-four houses were destroyed, most of them on the western and southern outskirts of Boolarra.

from http://www.royalcommission.vic.gov.au/Finaldocuments/volume-1/HR/VBRC_Vol1_Chapter03_HR.pdf

The following map shows the points of origin and how the fire spread

Infrared Imagery

This shows areas of green trees and green grass as pink. Areas that are lightly burnt or scorched are brown (Cured grass is also brown). Severely burnt areas  show up as black or grey.

CIR aerial imagery of Delburn bushfire January 2009 (Copyright AEROmetrex)

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