Picture Story Books

Early childhood/primary picture story books


Author: Jackie French

Age Suitability: 4-7

The story of Australian bushfires moving through the landscape, as told through the eyes of a cockatoo

Through the Smoke

Author: Phil Cummings & Andrew Mclean

Age Suitability: 4-8

Through the smoke tells the story of three children and their imagination who become trapped in the middle of a bushfire

Welcome to Country

Author: Aunty Joy Murphy & Lisa Kennedy

Age Suitability: 4-12

An Aboriginal ceremony of Welcome to Country is depicted for the first time in a stunning picture book from two Indigenous Australians. Welcome to the lands of the Wurundjeri people. The people are part of the land, and the land is a part of them.

My Country

Author: Ezekial Kwaymullina & Sally Morgan

Age Suitability: 5-10

Written by a mother and son duo, this brightly illustrated picture book is a jubilant journey through a child’s home country that celebrates the joys of nature and emphasizes forming a connection with place.

The House on the Mountain

Author: Ella Holocombe & David Cox

Age Suitability: 7-12

The House on the Mountain tells the story of a family’s journey to recovery after losing their home in a bushfire

47 Degrees

Author: Justin D’ath

Age Suitability: 8-12

47 Degrees is a gripping story that draws on his own experience of escaping the 2009 Black Saturday Bushfires.

The Fire Wombat

Author: Jackie French & Danny Snell

Age Suitability: 4-9

As the flames of the bushfire approach, one small wombat is bravely followed by other animals to the safety of her underground burrow.

*out November 2020