1942 South Gippsland Fires

From 3-4 March fires in South Gippsland killed on person, caused large stock losses and destroyed more than 20 homes and two farms. The townships threatened included Hedley, Toora, Yarram, Welshpool, Alberton and Meeniyan.


Gippsland Times Mon 9 Mar 1942

Considerable damage Done

The most serious fires of the sum

mer in Victoria occurred last week,

when bush fires swept over wide areas

in South Gippsland and other areas:

One man was burned to death, many

homesteads destroyed, and the town

ships of Hedley, Toora, ‘Yarram,

Welshpool, Lower Tarwin,. Alberton

West.. Meeniyan and .Balook were


James Butler Hodgson, 65, farmer,

of Hedley, who served in the Boer War

and last war, lost his life while fight

ing flames. His body was found near

his burnt home.

The worst outbreak was-in the Yar

ram area, where at one stage fires

raged on a 60-mile front from Meeni

yan to Balook. A change in weather

saved a large tract of country from

total destruction. In all 19 homes

were destroyed between Toora and