Interactive Map

The Community Bushfire Connection Interactive Map shows incidences of bushfire within the various Gippsland shires.  Below are the various methods of displaying information on the map.

  • The plus and minus signs at the left of the map zoom in and out on the map as needed. The home button centers the map.
  • The ‘Legend’ toggle at right of the map (the three shapes) indicates what specific types of locations are indicated on the map.
  • The ‘Layers’ toggle at right of the the above toggle allows you to turn on and off the various map layers as needed.
  • The shutter at the bottom of the map opens up to show how to zoom in on various locations, sorted by type. Pick a location under a given tab and click the row you want at left; this will turn the row bright blue. Then press ‘Zoom To’ to do just that on the location selected.