John Crane post – Fire on roadsides

I thought I’d share this very informative YouTube clip.
CFA Vegetation Management Officers were involved in a project testing and assessing crew protection systems.
This work has some significant learning’s for community members, particularly relating to the spread of fire and the effects of fire approaching roads and tracks.
Please take a look at this clip and consider the following:
Look at how quickly the fire develops. Watch the fire behaviour and the time since ignition clock.
Check out the inside and outside temperature gauges.
While this research looks specifically at fire fighting appliances there are considerable learning’s for community members.
What could happen to you if you were stuck on the road with a bushfire bearing down on you?
Trees fall down and block roads. Families do find themselves trapped.  The footage from the Timbarra fire is a good example of this. This link is on this website.
Once toy have taken a look at this footage have a think about your personal situation and your plan.
Leaving early is the best way to plan for bushfire. Please take the time to work our want “leaving early” means for you and your family.

here is the link to this clip:

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