Learning from Simulated Fires

Phoenix Rapidfire is a simulation tool that will be used to prepare realistic scenarios for community exercises.

This will allow participants to test their planning and reactions to the simulation

Phoenix models show how fires move through the landscape. Fire behaves differently due to grass or forest fuels, and changes in topography and weather.

The simulation shown below is at a Forest Fire Danger index of 75. This equates to a fire danger rating of  Extreme. Days like this are often Total Fire Bans.


Historically, on total fire ban days, there may be no fires, small fires that are quickly suppressed, a single large fire, or many fires of varying size.

Fires may result in restricted visibility, roads being cut, health issues, and direct threats to human life, stock and property. The effectiveness of firefighting on days of extreme fire danger is limited in forest areas until the fire danger drops. This often occurs late at night and into the next day.

Simulations like the one above provide an insight into how multiple fires will impact on the lives of those close to and some distance away from the fire.

Do you have plans in place?

How will it effect your daily movements?

What warnings will you receive?

What roads will be closed?

How could you better prepare?

An exercise will be held using another possible Phoenix simulation.


Tomorrow when the fire began

Dates :

Wednesday 29th Nov 7-10pm            Federation University

Thursday 30th Nov 7-10pm                 Federation University