My Plan

There are a range of products to help you plan for the event of a bushfire including

Leave early….

A leave early guide : CFA Leave Early Guide

more information regarding this can be found on the CFA website :


Fire proofing your home…

A CFA guide to retrofit you home CFA Retro fit guide

If you want to assess your house and how fire fit it is try this tool :

More information can be found on the CFA website :


Are you fire ready….

A CFA Fire Ready Kit Fire Ready

More information on using this kit is on the CFA website :


Stay and defend……

This guide will give you some tips if you decide to stay and defend your property : CFA Defend brochure

More information is available at this link :


Planning for your property….

If you have a property this guide may be helpful for how you manage your property to minimize bushfire risk : Download