Our Experience in the Big Red Glow – 2019-20 Fires at Sarsfield East Gippsland

When people talk about their fire experience many comment on the “Big Red Glow” that is synonymous with what people can see, especially at night or at times when fire activity creates premature darkness, marking the proximity of fire for people. We’ve documented our experience of actually being in that Big Red Glow at Sarsfield on Monday 30 and into Tuesday 31 December 2019. My husband Anthony and I thought it was worth telling our story – it is a positive one – and something that may be of interest to others.  We fully appreciate that the experience we had is not something that would be appropriate or even possible for everyone. It does show what good planning can mean for effectively defending your property.  We learned quite a few things that we thought were worth recording as well. We’ve documented our experience and our planning in a series of Blog Posts that you can access here https://katenelson.com.au/blog/ The first Post includes an explanation of our experience in the lead up to and during the fire and includes extensive video footage of the fire entering and impacting our property. We have also documented our experience of the Aftermath following the fires and details about our fire system and property set up in later Posts. We appreciate that not everyone has had the knowledge, resources and opportunities that we have had to prepare our property for this event and that every person’s circumstances will be different.  But we do think this is important because the content that we have captured gives a real impression of what it is like to experience fire and what might be required to defend your place with confidence.

The big red glow from the sarsfield 2019 fires

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