John Crane

I am a born and bred Gippsland resident having served the people of Victoria in fire and emergency management for over 28 years.

In my role as CFA Vegetation Management Officer I work closely with communities and stakeholders to increase bushfire prevention and preparedness across the Gippsland Community and landscape.

I play an active role in responding to Emergencies. As a Level 3 Public Information Officer I work within Incident Management Teams across Victoria and interstate, ensuring that the community receives critical emergency warnings, advice messages and all facets of public information when faced with emergency situations like Bushfire, flood, storm damage and the vast range of emergencies that threaten the safety of our community.

My role also extends to the Regional Control Team. This is an interagency team responsible for overseeing all incident management preparedness, readiness and response across Gippsland. Given the nature of our region, the vast area and particularly the bushfire risk to our communities, the Gippsland Regional Control Team frequently coordinates and supports numerous Incident Management Teams across the region, often concurrently.

My professional experience in Emergency Management and Natural Resource/Public Land Management includes 15 years’ working as a Park Ranger in a variety of fire and emergency management roles and environments. This includes postings with the United States Bureau of Land Management and the US National Parks Service.