Understanding The Risk

Fire history

The Latrobe Valley has a history of major bushfires, the following map shows the extent of major bushfires in the last 15 years

understanding the risk

The Latrobe Valley

Over 80,000 people live in and around the valley as well significant infrastructure, all of which must be protected from bushfire. The following is a map of the CFA’s Bushfire Risk Register of assets.

understanding the risk

High risk townships

Phoenix analysis and VFRR have identified areas of high risk in the landscape. The following is a list of high risk townships in the area.

understanding the risk

This figure shows the 15 highest risk localities, the extent of the red bar shows the difference between maximum residual risk and the current risk level, the blue bar being the current level of risk.

Our risk profile identifies high risk towns in the Latrobe Valley – find out what Rawson people think about their town being rated high:

A detailed report on the bushfire risk in the Latrobe Valley is downloadable below.

Profile of Bushfire Risk in Latrobe City