Ignition history

Bushfires can start from a broad variety of sources.


The following map shows the location and types of fires that CFA brigades have attended between 2010 and 2017.


These fires include:

Burn offs, (out of control private burn offs that have resulted in a 000 call requiring fire brigades attendance)

Grass & Scrub Fire, (Going fires that are not as a result of a burn off)

Non-Structure Fire,  (may include farm machinery, caravan, rubbish bin or incinerator)

Power line/infrastructure Fire, (power lines, power poles, fuse boxes and other power infrastructure)

Vehicle Fire. (any vehicle fire on a road or on private property. Does not include vehicle accidents where a fire did not occur)


Consider the type and locations of these fires and the potential for significant bushfire across our community.


This map does not include all fires and emergencies that CFA have attended, only those that fall into the above mentioned catagories.