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1) Fire Awareness Program – Understand fire in your area

Panel of fire experts – presentations with questions and answers.

Tyers Primary School

Saturday 11 November
Yinnar Hall

Tuesday 14 November
Moe Town Hall

Thursday 16 November
Morwell Council HQ

Friday 17 November

These dates will be promoted via Facebook events but you are welcome to turn up on the night to any of the sessions

Details are provided below


2) Bushfire Bus Stop – Prepare yourself

An information bus visits key communities with fire experts and tools to help people plan and prepare their properties for bushfire.

Tyers Hall

Mon 20 Nov 3-6pm
Thurs 23 Nov 7-10pm
Toongabbie: Old Hall

Mon 20 Nov 7-10pm
Thurs 23 Nov 2-6pm
Boolarra: Park

Tues 21 Nov 2-6pm
Sat 25 Nov 9-12pm
Yinnar: ARC

Tues 21 Nov 7-10pm
Churchill: Shops

Wed 22 Nov 10-2pm
Moe: Apex Park

Wed 22 Nov 7-10pm
Fri 24 Nov 10-2pm
Yallourn North: Hall

Sun 26 Nov 2-5pm
Callignee: Hall

Sun 26 Nov 9-12pm

These dates will be promoted via Facebook events but you are welcome to turn up on the night to any of the sessions

Details are provided below


3) Tomorrow when the fire began – Valley fire scenario

Individuals and communities will work together with fire agencies in a simulated bushfire scenario to test bushfire plans and get a picture of how fire can impact the Valley, how it can affect you and how fire agencies manage these events.

Session 1

Wed 29 November
Session 2 (Repeat)

Thurs 30 November
Special Schools Session:
Single session.

Thurs 30 Nov 12-3pm
All sessions at Federation University Churchill in the Auditorium (Building 3E)

Registrations for Fire Awareness and Bushfire Bus Stop events will be managed via our facebook pagePlanned upcoming events are listed below,

You are welcome to turn up on the night for these events but it would be appreciated if you registered – it helps in organizing logistics

Warning :

Please be aware that this event will present real and graphic scenarios which may be confronting, counselors will be at each session to support anyone challenged by the information presented

For “Tomorrow when the fire began” please visit the following link to register



Below are more details regarding each session

1. Fire Awareness program


A two hour session starting at 7pm till 9m with late supper. Format 3 30 minute sessions presented by experts with a 30 minute panel

Session 1         The coming fire season – local Fire Agency Expert

Session 2         Fire behaviour theme (different at each session) – Research specialist

Session 3         Am I prepared – a talk by a local on fire preparedness

Session 4         Panel with 3 speakers and a moderator with some key questions then questions from the floor.

Note panels may include other experts. Local Brigade CE Officer key partner in each event. Note recovery will not be featured at these events. At each session a detailed display of local area risk analysis and planned works and preparedness provided


Confirmed speakers for each venue

Tyers              Community host and evening facilitator : John Henshaw, Peter Harbridge

Session 1 CFA : Peter Lockwood

Session 2 Fire Behaviour and house survivability : CFA Mark Holland

Session 3 Am I prepared : Brett Roberts : local area

Yinnar             Community host and evening facilitator : John Harris

Session 1 PV : Andy Gillham

Session 2 Fire Ecology : Steve Leonard Latrobe Uni

Session 3 Am I prepared : Kevin Pike

Moe South     Community Host and evening facilitator : Brendon Jenkins

Session 1 HVP Simon Gatt

Session 2 Fire Behaviour Kevin Tolhurst

Session 3 Am I Prepared : John Crane CFA

Morwell         Community Host and evening facilitator : John Arkinstall, Steve Barling CFA

Session 1 Trevor Owen CFA Deputy Chief Officer

Session 2 What has changed since 2009 : Craig Lapsley , EMV Commissioner

Session 3 Am I Prepeared  Brad Law Latrobe City Emergency Management Councillor

2. Bushfire Bus Stop


A week is set aside for an information bus to make the rounds of a series of key townships giving people the opportunity to speak to a range of experts , with a range of tools including mapping, phoenix, HILI to explore the fire risk of their property and what they may be able to do about it.

Participants are promised an aerial image of their town or property and assistance with fire plan templates and other information material ( a show bag of goodies).

Bus is manned by the following people

Fire Behaviour Analyst – with phoenix, mapping and printing capability

Local Brigade CE & operational staff


Municipal Fire Prevention officer

Local with experience in fire events and with a good plan


3. Tomorrow when the fire began


Scenario overview

Run through a scenario of predicted bad fire weather day forecast for the Latrobe Valley, then follow that day as it progresses and fire ignitions occur. Note fire ignitions will be structured to test thinking in the targeted risk townships of the program.

Invite public to attend and bring their fire plan to test , as well as communities with LEAPs.

A facilitator works through the scenario supported by phoenix predictions and depictions of fire spread.

The facilitator is supported by a sitting IMT , EMT some State Coordination and by Township and brigade representatives


For “Tomorrow when the fire began” please visit the following link to register


Details will be added to this page when available, please email us if you wish to be kept informed.