What is CBBM?

Community Based Bushfire Management (CBBM) is one of the projects under the State-wide, Victorian Government funded Safer Together project. It adopts a community development approach in reducing bushfire risk through using community knowledge, values, skills, resources and strengths. It promotes the community being at the centre of decision making and working in equal partnership with different agencies as together we aim towards safer and more resilient communities.

There are currently 21 communities across the State engaged in CBBM, supported by nine facilitators embedded within the CFA, Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, and local government.

As an area with high bushfire risk, Briagolong was first engaged in the CBBM program in August 2018. Since then, several projects, discussions and initiatives have taken place to support the Briagolong community in building resilience to bushfires and other emergencies.

Some activities have included:

  • “We’ve Got Your Number” project – selling solar powered light-up house numbers to assist emergency services during fire events
  • Fire in the Foothills Short Film competition
  • “After the Fire” workshop on insurance and rebuilding after bushfire events
  • Briagolong Community Event November 2018 – interactive family event with emergency services (see video below)
  • “Resilience in Community Settings” event on the value and role of neighbourhood houses in building resilience to local emergencies
  • Online community conversation 12 November 2020 – introducing Community Fireguard Groups and brainstorming ideas for other activities. Missed out? You can watch the recording here.
  • Community Trivia Night 25 June 2021 – ‘So you think you know Briag?’

Upcoming events and initiatives

  • House numbers available at General Store for $15 each, proceeds go to Briagolong Community House.
  • Welcome packs for new residents are being developed by Briagolong Community House and interested community members. Have local knowledge about Briag emergencies? Get in touch with BCH today at:  0351455425

Get in touch

If you’d like further information on the upcoming events or projects, or have any other questions or ideas for community initiatives, please get in touch with Briagolong’s CBBM Facilitator Rebekah Baynard-Smith at: or 0427 368 657.

Stay and Defend Workshop (CFA) November 2021

On Saturday 13 November, the CFA held a workshop for Briagolong residents considering staying to defend their property in the event of a bushfire. Despite the heavy rainfall preceding the session, 12 local residents attended to learn the theory and practical information needed to help them stay safe and be effective in defending their property. A highlight was participants having the opportunity to check out a fire truck to consider whether it would fit through their driveway. Practical objects such as pumps, hose fittings, suitable clothing and PPE were also on display for participants to learn more about. The presenters did a fantastic job highlighting the dangers involved with staying during a bushfire, and first-hand stories shared by the presenters and brigade members helped put the theoretical into ‘real life’ perspective.

Participants reported finding the session really informative and prompting them to reconsider their plans and take a range of actions such as assessing their own physical capacity to defend, prepare their property, practice their plan and communicate clearly with their family what their plan entails.

Thank you to District 10 CFA, Briagolong brigade, Mechanic’s Institute Hall, Wellington Shire Council, Safer Together and local residents for supporting the event!

Lions Club-CBBM Trivia Night June 2021

Fire in the Foothills Short Films

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