The East Gippsland fires of 2019-2020 hit the eastern coastal township of Mallacoota hard.  The community had spent years preparing for such an event – but it still left the community hugely impacted.  Following the fires, the community has  organised itself and is managing its recovery through the community led Mallacoota and District Recovery Association (MADRA).

MADRA’s Fuel Management Working Group has prepared a series of 8 Webinars. Topics will include: what happened on the day, moderating fire behaviour, understanding the makeup of forests, traditional knowledge, community engagement, the agencies, understanding risk and BAL ratings and management tools. The Webinars will be uploaded below or you can visit MADRA’s website here

In Episode one you can learn about what happened on that fateful day of December 31, 2019 when fire engulfed Mallacoota and Districts in regional Victoria. How did the bushfire take hold and how did agencies respond? Agency representatives talk about their experience on the days leading up to and including the day of the fire.

MADRA’s webinar episode 1: Understanding Fire Management

In episode two CSIRO’s Justin Leonard leads a panel discussion on why houses burn . From Understanding Forest Fires, a webinar series organised by the Mallacoota and District Recovery Association fuel management sub committee and presented by Lyn Harwood.

MADRA’s webinar episode 2: why houses burn

Episode three explores fire management, risk assessment and landscape management on different terrain.

MADRA’s webinar episode 3: Understanding Fire Management

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