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What is CBBM?

Community Based Bushfire Management (CBBM) is one of the projects under the State-wide, Victorian Government funded Safer Together project. It adopts a community development approach in reducing bushfire risk through using community knowledge, values, skills, resources and strengths. It promotes the community being at the centre of decision making and working in equal partnership with different agencies as together we aim towards safer and more resilient communities.

There are currently 21 communities across the State engaged in CBBM, supported by nine facilitators embedded within the CFA, Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, and local government.

As an area with extreme bushfire risk, Moe South was first engaged in the CBBM program in April 2019. Since then, a range of discussions, events and projects have supported the Moe South community in enhancing resilience to bushfires and other emergencies.

Some activities have included:

  • Community meetings at the Moe South Fire Station with special guests to share about community emergency management, the Latrobe Valley Information Network, and the work that HVP does to reduce fire risk to the plantations and surrounding communities
  • Working with Edward Hunter Reserve to prepare for planned burns and ensure fire truck access
  • Supported Baringa Special School in their emergency planning
  • Online community meeting (6th October 2020), in response to a survey sent to Moe South residents and businesses
  • “Preparing your Property 101” Online Workshop (19th October 2020).
  • Cup Weekend community clean-up/working bee: 31st October 2020 – 3rd November 2020 (see photos and article below)
  • Ladies Morning Tea (12th December 2020) with special guest speaker Amanda Lamont (see video below).
  • Working with property owners and vegetation managers to discuss cool burns, Joint Fuel Management Plan nominations
  • Neighbour Day x CBBM BBQ 27th March 2021 (see article below)
  • Beyond the Burning Film Screening 5th June 2021 (see article below)
  • Moe South ABC: Addressing Bushfire and Climate Change (see video below)

Upcoming events and initiatives

Clean Up Cup Weekend 30-31 October 2021


October edition of the Resilience in Action newsletter. Focus topic: Preparing your property for bushfire season and promoting the Cup Weekend Clean Up.

These are available for pick up at Your Local on High shop on High Street.

Newsletter August-edition

Get in touch

If you’d like further information on Moe South CBBM events or projects, or if you have any questions or ideas for community initiatives, please get in touch with Moe South’s CBBM Facilitator Rebekah Baynard-Smith at: or 0427 368 657.


Further resources to help you prepare for the bushfire season and to support your community:

Beyond the Burning Film Screening – World Environment Day (5 June 2021)

On Saturday 5 June, about 20 Moe South and Latrobe Valley residents came together over Zoom to watch a short film made by Environment Victoria, titled ‘Beyond the Burning’. Focused on the East Gippsland 2019/2020 fires, the film looked at key themes such as the impact of fires on wildlife, the ongoing role of Aboriginal land management and knowledge sharing, rebuilding with renewables and transitioning to a better future. We then discussed what some of those themes look like closer to the Moe South area. We heard from Latrobe City Council about the Strzelecki-Apline Biolink Project and other exciting new renewable energy initiatives in the pipeline for the Valley. With the World Environment Day theme for 2021 being ecosystem regeneration, it was important to discuss strategies for enhancing ecosystem regeneration without altering bushfire risk in the landscape. Thank you Nathan Misuirka from LCC for joining us and sharing about these new projects and initiatives.
We also explored some similarities of the climate crisis with COVID, in terms of the importance of listening to the science, acting with urgency and the need for everyone to play their part.

Moe South ABC: Addressing Bushfire and Climate Change

To watch the five minute video, please use this Google Drive link:

Neighbour Day x CBBM BBQ March 2021

On Saturday 27 March, Moe South marked Neighbour Day 2021 with a community barbecue on a local residential court. Neighbour Day is a fantastic opportunity to bring people together and strengthen connectivity among residents. Moe South is also a Community Based Bushfire Management (CBBM) community through the State-wide Safer Together program, aiming to enhance bushfire risk reduction and disaster resilience through a range of ways, including through people-to-people connections within communities. Through this event, residents came together to think about practical steps they can take individually and collectively to support bushfire prevention, preparedness, awareness and, ultimately, community safety. Thank you to the CFA, Safer Together and Latrobe City Council for supporting this event.

Ladies Morning Tea December 2020

Moe South Community Clean Up November 2020

Over Cup Weekend, the Moe South community put on a Community Clean Up to prepare for the upcoming bushfire season. This initiative was part of Safer Together’s Community Based Bushfire Management project, supporting communities to reduce fire risk and build resilience in the spirit of shared responsibility and shared contribution.

During an initial online meeting prompted by a survey sent to all Moe South residents, the community recognised individual property maintenance as a key part of reducing fire risk in the Moe South area.  In the lead up to a long-weekend working bee, a planning workshop was held online to help residents understand their rights and responsibilities as rural land owners, what is “best practice” to building a fire-ready home and landscape, and how to follow Council regulations in their preparations. We also had a special feature from Victoria Legal Aid to highlight the importance of insurance for residents in high-bushfire risk areas.

The community clean up was held from Saturday 31st October to Tuesday 3rd November, with special lunches held on the Saturday and Sunday outside the CFA station, Pindari Road, Matthew Court and Simon Court. An estimated 50 properties participated in the clean up, and free green waste collection was made available with the support of Safer Together and CFA Vegetation Management.

The lunches were a great opportunity for residents to reconnect after many months of isolation. Residents were also encouraged to request and offer assistance, with several community members volunteering their time and resources to help out their neighbours. Important connections were forged and strengthened over the course of the weekend. Alongside property preparation, community relationships are essential in building resilience to any hazard or emergency event.

Special thanks to Theo Van Der Meulen from Latrobe Valley Camera Club who volunteered his time and skills on the Saturday to help us capture the initiative (click here to see more photos). Thanks also to the CFA volunteers who were on standby for the burn-offs happening over the course of the clean up. Thank you to the community members who offered assistance to others and thanks to everyone who participated, attended the lunches and helped make this event a success!

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