Community led action

There are many examples stretching back for many years that demonstrate effective bushfire management action led by communities. Evidence suggests that sustainable, long term and effective bushfire management must be led by community or at least have a very strong strong connection to a local community’s sense of place and identity and aspiration.

And going back even further … research, history and story tells us that the first people of Australia – the indigenous people – managed the land in a way that produced food, kept forests safe and cared for the land and all that lived with it. Techniques including cultural burning and a deep connection with place and its spiritual importance made for a system of caring for land that worked.

To support a collaborative and sustainable approach to land management, the Victorian Government has a joint agency program called ‘Safer Together’. One element of this program is Community Based Bushfire Management (CBBM).

CBBM places a focus on listening to community need and aspiration in relation to bushfire preparedness. This conversational, community focused approach leads to a clearer understanding of community priorities and provides a road map for bushfire management actions that are supported by and identified by community members.

If are in or know of a community that could be featured here please contact us at the following email address

In this part of the Community Bushfire Connections website you will find some example of CBBM communities but also other locations not within this program that have led and managed their own bushfire preparedness. They are a diverse and fascinating range of examples of what can happen when communities are truly empowered to lead their own emergency preparedness.

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