Community Bushfire Connection

The Community Bushfire Connection program is all about what people do before, during and after a bushfire, either individually on their property, collectively in their township or as an organisation involved in emergency management.

We all need to take action, but we need to be connected so that we know what each other is doing, and that our combined actions will provide the best outcome.

The Community Bushfire Connection program delivered three community-based, bushfire-related events across these Latrobe Valley communities.


1) Fire Awareness Program – Understand fire in your area

An evening of information from researchers and experts talking on topics of interest, senior fire agency staff talking about the coming fire season and local community people talking about their personal preparedness for the fire season. Just under 200 people attended the 4 sessions


2) Bushfire Bus Stop – Prepare yourself

An information bus visited key communities with fire experts and tools to help people plan and prepare their properties for bushfire. Over 300 people visited the bus stops across the valley.


3) Tomorrow when the fire began – Valley fire scenario

Individuals and communities, together with fire agencies were taken through a simulated bushfire scenario by Euan Ferguson and Celine Foenander to test their bushfire plans and get a picture of how fire can impact the Valley, how it can affect you and how fire agencies manage these events. Three sessions were conducted including a schools session, with just over 200 attendees across the 3 sessions



Now that the program has been completed it is time to evaluate and plan for next year, you can help in this process by completing the following survey.

Go to this link to help us ….. 

Attached below is a draft evaluation report and also summary of the survey to date


Appendix 1 participant survey results

Appendix 2 Tomorrow when the fire began feedback

Appendix 3 Budget detail

Appendix 2 contains all the Pollev and table discussion and questions from the Tomorrow when the fire began sessions with answers to the questions raised

We intend to finalise this report and feedback by mid July , so if you have anything you wish to add or any comments please send us an email

Thanks for supporting the program

This program was funded by the National Resilience Grants Fund and is an initiative building upon the 2014 and 2015 Living with Bushfire Community Conferences held at Federation University.

A working group representing the following organisations has been established to deliver this program : Voices of the Valley, Parks Victoria, Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, Latrobe City, Federation University and the Country Fire Authority.