What’s happening in Mallacoota?

Upcoming Mallacoota webinar series

What happened to Mallacoota and District during the Bushfire?

Starts: Friday 23rd October 2020

Time: 12 noon

To Register and View the Webinar:

The webinar requires a simple registration to receive the link for viewing. Please register prior to the webinar by clicking here

Agency representatives will talk about their experience on the days leading to and including the day of the fire that impacted on Mallacoota and district. Each speaker was directly involved in the campaign to protect our towns. Peter West from DELWP will comment about the factors that  lead to massive bushfires and suggest the outlook for our region this year.

There will be a Q&A at the end of the webinar with a chance to ask questions.


  • Darryl Burns (Forest Fire Management Vic)
  • Stuart Johnston (Victoria Police)
  • Stewart Kreltszeim (CFA)
  • Peter West (DELWP)

MADRA’s Fuel Management Working Group has prepared a series of 8 Webinars. Future topics will include: Moderating fire behaviour, Understanding the makeup of forests, Traditional knowledge, Community engagement, The Agencies, Understanding risk and BAL ratings and Management tools.

All webinars will be made available on MADRA’s website: www.madrecovery.com

CONTACT: Any questions please contact: Lyn Harwood, Fuel Management Working Group, lynharwood@westnet.com.au

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